Ana Onyx is a Violonist and Singer

Ana Onyx is a Violonist and Singer

Sonntag, 18 Dezember 2016

Ana is a Violonist and Singer. She started playing music at an age of 5 years old and she had never stopped playing music since then. Ana plays many other instruments, as well (guitar, piano, bass) but her strongest professions are those of playing violin and guitar and singing. She has a wide range of abilities on violin, from classical violin to folk, rock, blues, jazz and hip hop. Biography: As she would speak for herself: „I´ve played solo concerts as a little kid. I´ve played in orchestras for the high talented older kids. I´ve played in my bedroom, in the kitchen, in the basement, in the garden, in the garage and even in the bathroom. I´ve played at school, at my teachers, at my friends, their friends and the friends of my family. I´ve played in castles, public buildings, hotels, churches, concert halls and competitions. I´ve played on parties, bithdays, funerals, marriages and behind the potted plants. I´ve played on the streets, under the bridges, between the sheets, between thrown bottles and on the tables and underneath them. I´ve played sober, drunk, then sober again, with one foot in the jail and the other one in the grave. I played in pure clearity, on white beaches to call the dolphins and I´ve played for my life to exist and to have the right to be free! Are you looking for a professional violonist to play in any places or any ways? Give me a call and we´ll see what we can do 🙂 “ For booking request contact us through this website or on facebook


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